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Website Trends in 2021

Design is a means of virtual and visual communication that has a huge effect on how users see your website. It can tell a story and convey a kind of feeling or message. This message lies deep within the design and could be conveyed by anything from typography to even color. Designers understand this and […]

Why is Branding Important

Branding is one of the most important things to consider when starting a business. It is a core part of your business and goes a long way to influence how consumers see your company. When it comes to branding, a lot of people think it’s just about slapping on a Logo design on their website […]

Local Business Listings: What are they?

As a digital marketer trying to get the most out of online marketing, it is wise to explore all options that can increase the visibility of your website. Local Business Listings is one of the best ways to do this efficiently. A local business listing or directory is a website or an online portfolio that […]

Reasons Why your Website Traffic is Dropping Like Flies?

From the moment your website goes live, there is a certain amount of traffic that flows into your website. How well this traffic flows depends on the efforts you have made to ensure this happens. You could probably work on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or you optimize your website to be faster and mobile […]

To Share or Not to Share, That is the Question!

Have you ever put up a post that did not generate as many shares as you’d like? It’s a pretty bad feeling when you stay up late doing research and working on a beautiful piece to share with the world and it doesn’t get enough shares. It can be very discouraging.  Perhaps you thought the […]

The Overwhelming Thought of Which Domain Extension You Should Choose

Getting a website is pretty easy these days. Once you have made the decision to take your business online, it’s just a matter of choosing how you are going to get the website built whether it’s the Do-It-Yourself method or hiring a company like Deem-it!. However, before creating a website there are a few things […]


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