Boost Your Easter Sales

Easter is another holiday opportunity for marketers to rake in a lot of sales on their products. It is a yearly tradition for people to shop for their Easter celebrations, whether it’s new dresses for Sunday or the best turkey for dinner, or even some new pair of shoes. There is always going to be someone buying something to make their Easter celebration a little bit interesting. 

The season is almost here and it will be the first Easter since the Corona Virus Pandemic and a lot has changed. Customers will most likely not be queuing outside of malls or shops this year to get their Easter items but will most likely be ordering these things from the comfort of their homes. This is a perfect opportunity to beef up your digital marketing and boost up your Easter sales. 

In the spirit of Easter here are some digital marketing tips that can help you boost sales and beat competitors in the Easter period:

Discount Discount Discount

One of the best marketing strategies you can adopt during Easter is the offering of special discounts on your products. Discounts like these don’t come every day and everyone loves a good discount. Discounts are what will set you apart from competitors as people will be looking to shop with businesses with lower prices. 

When offering discounts, you don't have to offer them on all your products but on some specific products like things customers will most likely need during the holiday. Identifying these items and offering discounts on them will see your sales boost up drastically.

Promote Your Offers on Social Media

Creating offers and discounts is a great idea, but it is not a complete idea if no one gets to see them. The best place to promote your products in this post-pandemic era is social media. Everyone is on social media these days, people who are at work will spend a few minutes of their day checking their newsfeed, and people who are home for the holidays will spend even more time on social media and will see your products if you promote them on there.

Think outside the box with discount offers and creative ads and give yourself an edge.

Make Use of Easter Hashtags

This is one of the best ways to successfully promote your products on social media. Making use of social media hashtags like #easter, #eastereggs, and other holiday hashtags will help to trend your products. People who follow these hashtags or search for them can easily find your products.

Optimize your Products with better SEO

Optimizing your website for SEO will be good for the holidays. You can optimize your products to show up on searches for Easter promos and Easter discounts. You could also write blog posts as to why the customer needs these products and optimize them for Google. This is one of the best ways to market your products, customers who are confused about what to get will most likely search for answers on google and when they do, they will find your blog posts which will lead them to your products, or they might find your products directly.

3 Keys to Effective Marketing in 2021

It’s the first quarter of 2021 and most businesses are still finding it difficult to thrive and make sales. This is due to old marketing techniques and strategies that do not work. In Pre-COVID 19 times things were a lot easier as consumer behavior could easily be predicted and marketers could recycle the same marketing plans each year and things would work out great. 

These old techniques however are no longer as effective as they used to be. The pandemic has affected consumer behavior in so many ways that make it no difficult to predict. To thrive in 2021, you will need a good knowledge of marketing and be ready to re-strategize and change your marketing plans. This is the sure way to ensure that everything goes as planned.

In this article, we will be showing you 3 keys to effective marketing in 2021 that will set your business apart from the competition and give it the momentum it needs to thrive.

  1. Improve your SEO for Google

This is the first step to effective marketing in 2021. You have to optimize your website for Google. Doing this means watching out for new updates that will affect the ranking of your website. Keeping your website ranking will increase its visibility and allow more customers to see your business. 

A particular update to keep in mind is Google’s Page Experience update. It includes new metrics that will be able to measure the load time of your website, the quality of your content, and how well the users interact with your page.

Understanding this new update will go a long way to boost the SEO of your site, and ignoring this information will cause your website to drop in rank.

  1. Improve Communication with your Customers

This is another way to improve marketing in 2021. You need to improve communication with consumers and potential customers. Consumers want to be able to trust their brand so they long for a connection. They want a brand that will be able to give them the information and product they need as quickly as possible. In 2021, you have to have a means of communication that serves as a bridge between you and your customers. A business with good customer service gets good reviews from customers and they tend to tell others about it.

There are a lot of messaging apps out there that can help to improve communication, making it easier and faster. Examples include Kik, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Creating social media pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can also serve as platforms where customers can interact with your brand.

  1. Make Use of Social Media

The number of active users on social media doubled over the pandemic as people drew closer to their phones over the lockdown. The internet was the only access to the outside world and consumers made use of it to order and purchase products.

This has been capitalized on by social media companies like Facebook and Instagram who integrated a sales platform into their apps. You can now sell your products on social media thereby increasing the mobility of your marketing. It makes it a whole lot easier to market and creates more opportunities for sales.
Hopefully, these three keys will help to improve your marketing in 2021 and allow you to see some changes. If you are searching for help to get your SEO going and continue to build your brand awareness, contact Deem-it! today.

What is Lead Generation?

In an era where a majority of the world's businesses have gone digital, there is a continuing focus on Lead Generation. But what exactly is lead generation? To understand this let’s understand what a lead is.

What is a Lead?

A lead is someone interested in your product or the service you're offering.

Understanding what a lead gives us a full picture of what Lead Generation means. It is literally the act of generating Leads. It is the attraction of people to your business as visitors who eventually stay and become customers. Lead generation has been very effective in digital marketing especially since there is so much online resource to make it work and a lot of customers are now found in the digital space. It is so much easier to carry out a lead generation with the emergence of new techniques that can turn leads to sales. 

Lead generation is implemented through marketing campaigns, phone calls, emails, and many other methods which help to bring potential customers to your business, who might be interested in your products and eventually make a sale. The customer is led to your platform through strategies like content engagement and targeting.

Lead generation is a very effective process but can be a little complicated if you have never attempted it but it is worth trying. Leads can be brought in from any source at all including the traditional methods like television advertising or radio broadcasts, or even referrals. It can be done online by creating social media posts, and other digital methods, that can attract potential customers. It is also important to have a brief knowledge of your target audience when carrying out Lead Generation.

How to Carryout Lead Generation

There are so many ways to generate leads for your business, it is best to try out as many ways as you can. When it comes to lead generation, it is always best to have more.

  1. Content Marketing:

One of the best lead generation techniques in digital marketing is content marketing. You can use content to bring customers closer to your brand. It makes them feel like a part of your business and helps them to settle into your brand. Your content can go a long way to determine if a customer will purchase a product. Content can be in the form of social media posts, videos, pictures, and even blog posts. You must also market this content to the right audience. This will help to keep prospects on your page following your brand and in time they will become customers.

  1. The Social Media:

In a digital world like ours, social media is an indispensable tool for marketing and creating leads. This is why you must get your business on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Making use of social media pages to grow your followers is an excellent way to generate leads and push your content out there. You can engage your leads and in time leads become customers and you make sales.

  1. Make Ads: 

This is another way to grow your leads. You could run ads with your content that lead directly to your website or social media pages.

Generating leads is an important part of your business growth. A lot of companies have ignored lead generation but there are a lot of ways it can grow your business. Are you ready for Deem-it!?