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Domains Hosting & SSL, OH MY!

May 28, 2021

What is a domain, hosting and SSL?

Have you decided that you finally need a website and after diving right into it realize that you have way more to learn than what you thought? You are not alone! We continuously have clients contacting us with no clue where or how to get started and they come loaded with questions. Deem-it! understands that the wide world web can be overwhelming and knows that if you understand the basics you can step out into that daunting world for the first time with some confidence!

Domains, Hosting and SSL

Many people can get confused about what these three simple things are and most of the time, embarrassed to even ask. Well, have no fear, Deem-it! Is here! The best example to use when it comes to what is a domain, hosting and an SSL is to say, “let’s compare these to your home”

Your Humble Abode, AKA Website and Domain Name

Your domain name is the address to your house, your humble abode… your website. When you have a party and invite friends and family over, you provide them with the address to where the party is located. RIght? Well, your domain name is your home address. 

When choosing a domain name for your website, you also need to know what extension you will choose to go with it. Which by the way, there are thousands of domain extensions to choose from. Choosing the best one for your website can be a huge advantage. Also, choosing a domain extension that is familiar to people, will also be more helpful for your online business.

The most popular extensions for domains are; .com, .net, .co, .us and for non profit organizations, .org. 

Because choosing a domain and a relevant extension is an essential need, Deem-it! will help you with that. If you are searching for the perfect domain for your business, search no further, you’ve come to the right place. Start searching for your perfect domain match today. 

What is Hosting?

So what’s the point of hosting if you have a website you ask? Well, you need a place to park your house. You see, if the website is your house and the domain is the address to your house, it only makes sense that the hosting for the website is the equivalent of the land that your super cool pad sits on. 

Now the SSL

When you search websites on the internet and you take a gander at the search bar to see where you are, have you noticed that little padlock to the left of the domain? That my friend, is the SSL Certificate. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. 

To keep it simple, the SSL acts like a layer of protection for your website (your home). Kind of like a privacy fence or curtains so burglars (or hackers) can’t see what’s going on inside.  It ensures that all of the data passed between the browser and the web server remains private. This is important to have, especially if you are collecting personal information from your visitors

There’s so much more to SSL Certificates but for now, we will keep it simple Deem-it!

The BIG Question

Are you ready to get started? If you are one of those “gung-ho do-it-yourselfers” then head on over to our store DIYDeemit.com and shop ‘til you drop! Need a little more help and don’t have the time to handle your website, SEO, or other marketing and advertising on your own? Contact Deem-it! directly for a free consultation. We have everything you need to get going and options to choose from! 

The Basics

Search for your Domain
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More than Basics

cPanel Hosting
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+ more at DIY Deem-it and Deem-it Marketing

Need More Help Than What DIY-Deemit! Provides?

Head on over to Deem-it! Marketing to see our services on the other side where the grass may be a little greener for you.
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