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How do SSL Certificates Work and Why Are They Important?

June 8, 2021

In a digital world where there is a free flow of data and information, there is always someone out there trying to get this information and use them for their gains. These data thieves will try to gain access to other people’s information to use them for their purposes. SSL Certificates are what protect these data and information from getting stolen.

SSL certificates aka (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are security certificates that help protect our data from being stolen criminals or hackers while it is being transferred from the website to a server. They protect our details like phone numbers, email addresses and passwords, and even credit card details from being stolen when we leave them on websites.

As a business owner who does his business on the internet, your users have to feel secure when they visit your website. SSLs provide this security. A lot of websites have SSL, but most people do not understand how they work, and what they do. So let’s take a look at how they protect us. 

How do SSLs Work?

SSL certificates aren’t as complicated as people try to make them seem. They simply help to create a secure connection that enables you to perform an online transaction.

When you are on a browser and you are about to perform a transaction on a website, the browser first reaches out to the website to identify its SSL certificate and make sure it is safe for you. Once the SSL certificate is identified the browser then knows it is safe for you to perform your action and creates a secure connection for you to transact through. 

If the browser is however unable to detect an SSL certificate, a secure connection is not created and you will not be able to perform a secure transaction. All this is done of course behind the scenes of the website and the browsing experience of the user is not interrupted. 

Secure Websites with an SSL Certificate can easily be identified on the web address area of a browser. The prefix before the address is usually "HTTPS://” with an “s” and there is always a small padlock icon by the side. This tells you the website is secure.

An unsecured website will just be “HTTP://” without an “s” and will not have a padlock icon by the side. If you try to conduct a transaction or leave your information on an insecure site without an SSL  Certificate, you will receive a warning from your browser telling you that the server is insecure and your information may be accessed by a third party. 

So that is exactly how SSLs work.

Why Do You Need an SSL Certificate on Your Website?

Having an SSL certificate on your website helps to build trust between your business and your customers. It makes them feel comfortable and safe to perform transactions on your website. Websites with SSL Certificates tend to have more sales than those that don't. 

These are precisely why you should get an SSL Certificate on your website. If you don’t have one Deem-it! can help you with that. Head on over to our DIYDeemit.com website and check out our website security options… we have more than just SSL certificates available!

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