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Four Reasons Why You Should NOT DIY your Logo

March 15, 2020

Logos are a pictorial representation of your business or company. They are also known as brand marks or brand identity. Logos represent your entire brand and are the part of your business that a consumer may come in contact with before they use your product.  They are just as important as the products and services you offer. A lot of businesses do not take them seriously because they see them as just pictures that you can slap on a website or product and you are good to go. Most companies think it’s just about having Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator software and they could design anything they want and that’s a Logo but they’re wrong. Doing this would only be detrimental to your brand. The true power of a Logo is underestimated as it could mean the difference between winning a potential customer and losing them to the competition.

There are lots of reasons why you should not design a Logo yourself but hire a professional logo designer, as it takes a deep understanding of branding and years of experience to create the perfect Logo that works for you. 

Here are four reasons why you should NOT DIY your Logo:

  1. Brand Communication:

This is one of the reasons why you should not create your logo yourself. Brand communication is one of the reasons for creating a Logo. Creating a Logo is more than just drawing a picture. It is all about communicating your brand’s purpose to consumers at a glance without having to give a speech. There is a lot that goes into a Logo design that makes it speak to a consumer, things like shapes and colors. 

Creating your logo yourself will most likely produce one of bad quality and that will not communicate effectively with consumers. A professional designer will do a much better job in designing a brand mark that will help your business communicate with your audience without confusing

  1. Poor Design:

Another reason why you would not want to create your logo yourself is poor design. It is pretty easy to spot a Logo designed by a professional from one created by an amateur. It's a fact that people love the quality. When consumers perceive your logo to be amateurish or of poor quality, they are more likely to turn their attention elsewhere. 

Sometimes it could be the poor choice of color or poor light application, or the font type that gives you away. Unless you have in-depth knowledge and experience in graphics design. I would advise you to hire a professional for your Logo Design. 

  1. Choice of Logo:

There are lots of types of Logos out there ranging from Word Marks to Letter Marks and even Pictorial Logos. Knowing the type of logo that will fit your brand can be a little confusing and you might end up making the wrong choice or selecting a brand type that does not resonate with your company. This will even increase the disconnect between your company and its audience.

  1. Poor Design Versatility:

A good design must be versatile, as an amateur who does not understand the elements of design versatility; you should not create one for your business. Some designs are meant to be versatile and must fit whatever purpose it is to be used for, whether for packaging a small product or for a billboard. Your Logo must not lose its quality.

Designing a great and perfect Logo will go a long way to affect your business positively. A logo can be used for a lifetime or changed later on. But it is worth hiring a professional.

Deem-it! offers the best in Logo designs and redesigns. Making sure to help your business communicate with its audiences and people can always have an image of your brand in mind.

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