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Revamp or Rebuild My Website?

June 3, 2021

"Which is better: Change my existing website or rebuild it with the same content from scratch?"

- Sandy

So, you’ve got your website up and running and you already had everything planned out. 

“You’d set up a website, put up some content, get some traffic, and make some sales.” 

It’s a perfect plan, but then you realize things aren’t going according to your plan. Your website isn’t ranking so well, you can’t seem to get visitors to stay, and you just aren’t making as much as you want to. The problem might not be your content or marketing, it might just be your website.

Perhaps you built it five to ten years ago or maybe just a few months ago and you just didn’t put some things into consideration, probably because you were inexperienced or in a hurry to get your website up and running. 

There is a lot that goes into building the perfect website, and this goes a long way affecting its productivity and functionality. These things sometimes need to be worked on or it tends to affect us later on if we hold on to them for too long. It could be a flaw in the design or the SEO structure, or perhaps the overall design of the website is outdated and needs to be changed. In this fast age of computers and quick access to information, a few mistakes on your website could cost you a potential client and a lot of money.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, then we are happy to introduce to you two options:

"Revamping your Existing Site or Rebuilding it with the Same Content from Scratch"

There are a lot of questions around which would be the best option. For us to answer this question let’s take a look at exactly how both processes work and what their benefits would be.

Revamping Your Existing Site:

To revamp’s one’s website means to upgrade your website by fixing the things that are wrong in the website. This could be done by hiring a company or a web developer to fix the problem, sometimes it could be an SEO company or a design company. 

Revamping a website could be for different reasons like enhancing user experience.  The user experience is what attracts most users to your website and makes them want to revisit it. 

Your website could be revamped to reduce the loading time, and also make it more mobile-friendly and easier to use. You can also revamp your website to increase its Google ranking. This could be in terms of SEO and improving your website content (see our web copy services).

Rebuilding Your Website with the Same Content from Scratch

As opposed to making changes to your existing site, you could rebuild your website from scratch with the same content. 

This is personally the option we would recommend because, from our experience, it can tend to be more expensive to go in and fix everything wrong with your website as opposed to starting from scratch. This is usually because the website wasn’t built the right way from the ground up and these would continuously lead to more complications in the future.

Make the Right Choice

Whatever decision you take, embrace change as much as you can because holding on to something for so long would only be unprofessional and detrimental to your business.

Deem-It! offers a free web review and can help you fix your websites and breathe life into them. Whatever choice you'd prefer, we can move your website into the future by revamping or redesigning your website, to meet the most modern standards and bring it into the eyes of the consumer. It is all a matter of taking the first step.

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