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The Overwhelming Thought of Which Domain Extension You Should Choose

June 23, 2021

Getting a website is pretty easy these days. Once you have made the decision to take your business online, it’s just a matter of choosing how you are going to get the website built whether it’s the Do-It-Yourself method or hiring a company like Deem-it!. However, before creating a website there are a few things you must consider, and among those is the domain name and extension. It is advisable that the domain name be simple, memorable, and should represent your business, but few things are said about the domain extension. Domain extensions are just as important as domain names and they can play a significant role with your website.

Domain Extensions are the suffixes found behind the domain name. They are a part of the web address. Examples include “.com, .org and .net”. 

There are usually three factors to consider when choosing a domain extension and these are: 

  1. The type of business and the purpose of the website.
  2. The location of your business and target audience. 
  3. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the website.

Choosing the right domain extension can help bring your website to the top of search results while choosing the wrong one could also make your website scarce in search results. There are lots of Domain Extensions out there; it is paramount that you pick the right one.

Three extremely common domain extensions can be chosen worldwide. These are:

1. .com, e.g. facebook.com  

2. .net, e.g. DIYDeemit.net 

3. .org, e.g. specialolympics.org

These are the three most common domain extensions you’ll see out there. 

Let’s talk about them in little details:

  1. The (.com) Extension:

This is the most common domain extension out there. It is also the most popular domain because it is used by a majority of websites and businesses. This domain extension allows your website to gain global authority when it comes to search results. It is also the base for extensions before a secondary extension is added, it is used by all organizations both profit and nonprofit and even educational platforms. If the domain extension is available for your web address you should use it.

  1. The (.net) Extension:

The .net domain extension is the next popular domain extension after the .com extension. It is mostly used by telecom service providers and internet service providers. It is also pretty easy to remember. If the .com domain extension is not available, there is a high probability it will be available as an alternative. 

  1. The (.org) Extension:

This is the 3rd most popular domain extension. It is mostly used by nonprofit organizations, although it can also be used as an alternative to other domain extensions. Organizations in the health sector and even political sectors are most likely to use this domain extension. Although this domain extension is most likely to be available, it just doesn’t work for everyone, especially if you’re not an NGO.

While these are the three most popular domain extensions there are others like the .co, .gov, .us. These domain extensions are extremely location-based. For example, the ".us" domain extension is strictly for people in the United States and it would give your website more authority and is most likely to be found by users in the U.S. There are even combinations of two extensions like .co.za or .com.ng. These are usually more available than the others. 

There are a lot of websites that offer domain names and extensions. You could easily get one here. 

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