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Website Maintenance Cost - What's this all about?

June 16, 2021

Website maintenance is a major part of what keeps a website up and running at an optimum level. It can’t be ignored or taken for granted; it is a necessary part of the job. 

In this article, we will be talking about everything you need to know about website maintenance. We will enlighten you on the benefits of carrying out routine maintenance on your website. If you should DIY it, you should know about the costs of maintaining a website.

Let’s Talk Website Maintenance

Web maintenance is the act of taking care of your website by fixing the things that would make it run abnormally. It is the act of keeping your website secure and running at optimum capacity. It has to do with things like updating the UX/UI experience, software and plugins, security, and search engine optimization.

Maintaining a website could be related to owning a car. Your car is your baby, it helps you get from your house to work, it helps you take the kids to school, it drives you to the mall and anywhere you want to go. It does all these beautiful things smoothly at first, but after a while, it starts to slow down and develop some faults, this is because proper maintenance was not done on it. The oils weren’t changed regularly, the transmission wasn’t worked on and the engine wasn’t checked, so eventually, the car breaks down. This is the same with a website. 

A website is like a car that needs proper maintenance. Spending a lot of money on building a website doesn’t guarantee that the site won’t need to be maintained or it won’t develop some faults in the long run. It takes consistency and dedication to keep the site working perfectly and part of this process is regular maintenance.

Maintenance is as necessary as a lot of changes occur on the internet every day. User experience is one of those things that continue to undergo constant change and that is why it is best to keep up with the trend. If your website continues to stay stagnant there is a high possibility that users will stop visiting the website and go for the next best thing. When thinking about maintenance, there are a lot of things to consider. It doesn’t matter if you’re maintaining your own website, someone’s website or that of a client's, there is a lot you have to consider when it comes to cost. 

Do I Need to Maintain my Website?

Most people don’t like to hear the word website maintenance. When it comes to website maintenance they think:

“I spent a whole lot of money on this website, why do I have to spend more in the name of maintenance.”

They would rather just fix issues whenever they arrive. While this might seem like a pretty good idea, it is also a pretty expensive idea. 

Not carrying out routine maintenance on your website can lead to issues that will lead to a huge loss of money and you’ll still have to spend more money to fix that problem.

Let’s take a closer look at what happens when you don’t maintain your website.

  1. You Miss Out on New Features

This is one of the disadvantages of not carrying out site maintenance. You miss out on a lot of new features that come with the updates. In other words, your website gets left behind in the past. 

This can make you lose clients and it reduces the security of your website. Your website can be compared to your smartphone which needs a regular update to function properly.

  1. Site Breaks Down

Failing to maintain your website can lead to the total breakdown of the website, sometimes the server can no longer take the strain, and it just crashes. 

This can lead to loss of money, and it could put a dent in your website's reputation. It would also cost you money to fix this problem.

  1. Poor Content

Part of website maintenance also has to do with the type and quality of content on your website. It has to do with putting up new and exciting content frequently to keep your followers engaged. Failure to carry out website maintenance will lead to delayed and poor content.

  1. Website Vulnerability

Failure to do site maintenance can lead to a breach of security

Every day, criminals are finding new ways to break into websites successfully. You could be a victim if you fail to secure your website with the new security measures which are covered by website maintenance.

  1. Poor SEO Ranking

Not maintaining your website will lead to poor SEO ranking. Gone are the days when good SEO was just about keywords. Now SEO ranking also has to do with how well your website is. It takes into account the speed and how well your site functions. Carrying out routine maintenance helps to keep your website at the top of the SEO ranking.

There are so many reasons to maintain your website. It will help to reduce unexpected failures and emergencies and save you a lot of money that could be lost from website failures. You also tend to spend more when you try to fix these problems along the way.

What Would it Cost to Maintain a Website?

Maintaining a website isn’t as expensive as most like to think. It all comes down to the type of website you have. At Deem-It! our prices start as low as $99 monthly. This covers your hosting, domain, SSL certificates and a lot of other things that keep your website running optimally.

If you intend DIYing the maintenance of your website, it would cost as little as $4 per month with our  website builder and on other types of websites.

What if I DIY it? 

It is possible to DIY the maintenance of your website, but there are a few things you must consider before making that choice.

How much do you know about website maintenance? 

Do you know what you need to run the successful maintenance of your website?

Do you have the time? 

Can you handle the SEO and optimization of website performance? 

What happens when you make a mistake and you have to spend more money to fix it?

If you cannot answer these questions 100% positively, you do not have to worry about DIYing it.

"Keep it simple Deem-it!" has got you covered. 

We will handle the full maintenance of your website at an affordable cost. You do not have to stress. 

Maintain that Website

Hopefully, you understand the importance of maintaining your website. It could be very costly for your business if you ignore this. Thankfully maintaining your website has never been this easy. 

Deem-It! Is just a call away.

Need More Help Than What DIY-Deemit! Provides?

Head on over to Deem-it! Marketing to see our services on the other side where the grass may be a little greener for you.
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