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Website Trends in 2021

August 4, 2021

Design is a means of virtual and visual communication that has a huge effect on how users see your website. It can tell a story and convey a kind of feeling or message. This message lies deep within the design and could be conveyed by anything from typography to even color. Designers understand this and are always looking for new ways to convey the right messages to an audience.

They try to blend the things in our everyday life with the digital world to make our experience even better. This is why design keeps changing and getting better every year. Making use of the correct type of design could improve the quality and traffic flow of your website tremendously. 

This is why we will be counting down some amazing website trends Deem-it! has found in 2021: 

  1. Retro Fonts

Yes! Retro Fonts are a thing again. 

The classical font which has been thought to be part of ancient and vintage typography is now in style. They are gaining popularity and are now being used in websites like Spotify and for advertising on other websites. Perhaps this trend might not last long, but one thing's for sure, they do bring a sense of style to a website.

PeppaSauce.love is a great website example when it comes to retro fonts.
  1. Parallax Animation

The use of animation effects has grown greatly over the previous decade so it’s no surprise that the parallax animation effect is one of the biggest web design trends in 2021. 

Parallax animation is an effect that breaks the elements of a web page in foreground and background hence creating a parallax effect.

It is noticeable when you scroll through a web page, and objects with your view move a bit faster than the objects far from your view. It tends to mimic the part of everyday life we observe when we move quickly past objects, like on a bike or in a car. 

Parallax animations create a sense of depth and immersion allowing viewers to experience their computer screen differently.

Mooi takes parallax animation to a new level.
  1. Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are another set of fonts that are making it back to 2021. Previously abandoned by designers for their commonality, serif fonts are now making it back to screens. 

Serif fonts have always been sleek, clear, and simple but seemed to get easily clustered but as screens got bigger and resolutions got better, they can now be used once again. With all that space on screens, serif fonts can now have the opportunity to shine again.

Playing with different fonts like this website helps build a strong brand and identity.
  1. Neumorphism

This is another trendy web design in 2021. It is a blend of skeuomorphism and material design mixed with a little bit of minimalism. It uses color to improve the experience of users.  It also has a lot to do with colors, to give a unique look and design. It is also helping to bring back the age of flat designs.

This is a prime example of Neumorphism.
  1. Horizontal Scrolling

This is another web design comeback that has made its way into the top trends for 2021. It is being used to break out of the norm and display secondary information perfectly. Horizontal scrolling works like an art gallery that displays information in the form of well-designed pictures. However, designers must be careful not to overuse the trend as it can ruin the page. It should also not be used for important text.

Web design trends are cool ways and exciting ways to interact with your audience. It brings out the beauty in your website and makes it easier for users to navigate your website. They also allow you to tell your story better. 

Deem-It! understands the need to communicate with an audience; it is precisely why we use only the best designs in building your website. Send us a text and let us help you tell your story in 2021 and beyond.

Horizontal scrolling like this beauty site is one of Deem-it!'s favorite styles of websites.

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